The LNX / Lynx airdrop is live

Fred Krueger
Feb 6 · 1 min read

As LynxChain officially hits the one month mark, we are now pushing an airdrop of LNX tokens to all LYNX tokens.

We’re doing the airdrop over a one month period, by means of a smart contract dApp available at All EOS LYNX tokens sent to this contract will result in a a 21/500 (0.042) ration of LNX to LYNX tokens held. These tokens will be returned to the user after the February Airdrop period.

Once the Airdrop is complete, and the old token EOS tokens returned, we may (depending on the state of the EOS network) use the token as a wallet discount token (paid placement of apps in wallet).

Please visit our telegram at for questions.

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