Adobe Stock Photos

Today Adobe announced its acquisition of the stock photos service Fotolia.

Few people would remember and see this as Adobe’s Stock Photos business interests coming a full circle. In 2005, Adobe had launched a product called Adobe Stock Photos (ASP) bundled inside Creative Suite 2 (and later also with Creative Suite 3). ASP was a stock photos search portal + stock photo purchase workflow app — integrated within Creative Suite applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge). The photos themselves were sourced from several leading stock photography providers which Adobe had tied up with. The product continued its existence along with some rumored backlash from photographer communities. There’s a demo video of the first version here, and an old FAQ document here.

Then Adobe shut it down (2008). This happened at a time when the big consolidation in the stock photography industry had already started (Getty acquiring iStockPhoto first, followed by Jupiter Images).

The cloud is getting creative again.

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