The point of the article is that there really isn’t a scenario where JavaScript is “best.”
Richard Kenneth Eng

If the point of the article is that JavaScript is a dangerous language — for all of the reasons you cite — then that should be the title. As long as you’re click-baiting with “Is it ever the right tool for the job” then as much as you hate the language you have to concede the answer is a qualified “yes.” It doesn’t matter that JavaScript is imperfect: there is no such thing as a perfect language, and even the “best” languages are ill-suited for some tasks. And putting down the programming skills of a large part of the JavaScript community isn’t an argument against the language itself. If Erlang were the new $200/hour hotness with hundreds of openings needing to be filled *yesterday* you would have unscrupulous devs passing themselves off as seasoned Erlang programmers and managers who don’t vet the skills of the people they hire… but would that be the fault of the language?

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