Is JavaScript ever the best tool for the job?
Richard Kenneth Eng

So to the article’s title: is javascript ever tBefore reading the article my answer to the question posed in the title is a qualified “yes” but where this article fails is that no scenarios are laid out where Javascript is the best answer. It depends on the job and circumstances such as who will bear the responsibility of upkeep of an application of an app once delivered. Let’s take the case of a shop loaded with ASP.NET/C# developers who use Angular. When management says “Hey we need a mobile app!” some will say “Hey, let’s use Xamarin because it’s C# and we know C#” but that would overlook the reality that ASP.NET development and mobile app development are very, very different. The better answer is to go with Ionic which is built upon Angular since your team already understands javascript, Angular, and web programming paradigms.he best tool for the job? Absolutely.