Arcadia & DotOracle Partnership: Building the First Cross-chain Bridge on Casper Network

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3 min readFeb 16, 2022


We are pleased to announce the partnership between Arcadia Group and DotOracle Network to build the first-ever cross-chain bridge on Casper Network.
Arcadia is a pioneering blockchain software and security company building and innovating in the arenas of privacy-preserving technology, scaling solutions, and decentralized finance. It is also a partner of CasperLabs which builds the enterprise-grade blockchain Casper Network.

Our goal with this partnership is to create a liquidity network layer for Casper Network that allows users to transfer assets back and forth between MoonBeam Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Tomochain, and Casper networks, enabling seamless interoperability between chains. To accomplish this, we will work together with Arcadia to integrate the Casper ecosystem on our DotOracle bridge, and Arcadia will be launching a custom frontend to support and become a validator of DotOracle Network. Arcadia will also leverage its expertise in blockchain security to help us audit any vulnerabilities to ensure a smooth user experience. Here are the benefits users can enjoy with this integration:

  • Enterprise-level security by Casper’s infrastructure and DotOracle’s MPC security technology
  • Fast transactions with higher block finality enabled by Casper’s Highway protocol
  • Flexible operations powered by Casper’s correct-by-construction (CBC) specification
  • Predictable network fees

How It Works

To make a cross-chain transaction from other chains to Casper on the DotOracle bridge, the user issues a request bridge transaction on the application. The transaction then locks the amount to be bridged in the DotOracle bridge smart contract on the sending chain.

On DotOracle, the transaction will be operated using a smart contract. For a sending transaction, the smart contract will issue a new wrapped token, e.g. dUSDC or dDAI, with the equivalent amount defined by the user on the receiving network. In the case of withdrawal, the wrapped token amount will be burned to release the corresponding amount when transferring back.

All these operations will be done through a decentralized network of validators, which includes Arcadia as a validator of DotOracle with deep expertise in blockchain security. Leveraging their advanced Highway protocols and CBC specifications to boost network scalability and operations, combined with DotOracle’s expertise, we are confident in providing a seamless, secure cross-chain experience as a first for Casper Network users.

For example:

User A wants to send 100 USDC from their wallet to Casper, they can send from any chain supported by DotOracle Network (MoonBeam Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Tomochain) using the DTO cross-chain bridge.

The DTO bridge will lock the amount of original USDC tokens of user A and mint 100 dUSDC to send to user A, which they can use to send to Casper Network.

Conversely, if user A wants to withdraw 100 USDC from Casper Network to their wallet, they can withdraw to any DotOracle-supported chains via this bridge. In this case, the bridge will burn the transferred dUSDC amount on Casper and release the locked USDC amount from the smart contract back to the user’s wallet.

What we have done

  • Refine ERC20 smart contract onto Casper to support Dotoracle MPC privacy technology
  • Wrote smart contract on Casper Network
  • Complete ERC20 transfer detection on Casper Network
  • Integrating Casper into our current bridge
  • Integrating MPC privacy technology into the bridge
  • Updating DotOracle frontend to support Casper Network

Please look forward to the Mainnet launch, coming very soon!

About us

DotOracle is a real-time decentralized Oracle and Cross-chain liquidity network for the Polkadot Ecosystem. DotOracle allows the real world to be connected to the Polkadot ecosystem by providing a decentralized oracle service to transfer information faster and more efficiently from the real world to Polkadot in real-time. Also, DotOracle bridges liquidity and digital assets from different blockchains to the Polkadot ecosystem through the MoonBeam parachain.

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About Arcadia Group

Arcadia is a full-service blockchain development and security company based out of Dallas, Texas. We specialize in chain and smart contract layer blockchain development, privacy-preserving technology, and scaling solutions.

To date, Arcadia’s software has been used in upwards of a cumulative* 750,000 unique devices and has been used in transacting an estimated $300m in value.



Dotoracle Network

The DotOracle decentralized network aims to provide real time data to blur the boundary between the Polkadot Ecosystem and the Off-Dot world.