Arcadia & DotOracle Partnership: Building the First Cross-chain Bridge on Casper Network

  • Enterprise-level security by Casper’s infrastructure and DotOracle’s MPC security technology
  • Fast transactions with higher block finality enabled by Casper’s Highway protocol
  • Flexible operations powered by Casper’s correct-by-construction (CBC) specification
  • Predictable network fees
  • Refine ERC20 smart contract onto Casper to support Dotoracle MPC privacy technology
  • Wrote smart contract on Casper Network
  • Complete ERC20 transfer detection on Casper Network
  • Integrating Casper into our current bridge
  • Integrating MPC privacy technology into the bridge
  • Updating DotOracle frontend to support Casper Network



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Dotoracle Network

Dotoracle Network

The DotOracle decentralized network aims to provide real time data to blur the boundary between the Polkadot Ecosystem and the Off-Dot world.