Hi Robert,
Hafiz Ismail


I think something simple would be useful to others. Although it is really as much an issue with the Gulp team who oh look a squirrel…

Honestly, I can understand the idea from the Gulp perspective of keeping things simple and focused, but it seems their given their use of a virtual FS they could use some well maintained wrapper to enable the many node.js tools without either custom plugins or a bunch of boiler plate code. It may be that there are simply too many edge cases for a general purpose approach (I don’t know enough to really say) but right now it just looks like several have been started and then subsequently failed to keep current. Frankly this seems like a problem w/ too narrow a definition of what their tools core purpose is, relying on external bridges instead of building (or contributing to an existing) bridge.

P.S. WebPack looks interesting, although I am a bit far along on my current builds at the moment. I may take another look at some point.

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