Why I built a Green Business

What does it mean to build a business? Everyone has different motivations, and for Do Tromp, the owner of Davis Coworking, social and environmental sustainability has been an important driver (read their mission statement here). To that end all the energy used at Davis Coworking is 100% sourced from renewable resources through Valley Clean Energy.

“Cleaner energy is smarter.” — Do Tromp, Founder Davis Coworking, Davis resident, UltraGreen customer.

David Coworking is currently 1 of only 3 businesses in Davis, CA to go UltraGreen, and Valley Clean Energy is hoping that more businesses will follow suit when they see how easy and affordable it is to opt up. To get the conversation started they talked with the owner of Davis Coworking, Do Tromp, to hear why her small business made the choice to go 100% green. Their interview is shared below.

“We opted up!” sticker by Valley Clean Energy — Davis Coworking uses 100% renewable carbon free energy.

Davis Coworking is a shared office environment founded by Do Tromp, a Dutch-born environmental enthusiast who moved to the US 10 years ago. Davis Coworking aims to promote sustainable business practices for start-ups and small companies by providing a flexible work environment that can help businesses accomplish their goals while maintaining a commitment to the planet.

Opened May 1, 2019 at 757 Russell Blvd., Davis Coworking offers its members access to bright, cheerful working spaces, shared amenities and conference rooms. It’s a perfect solution for self-employed or startup businesses and professionals who lack dedicated professional space of their own. There are currently about 20 members who pay monthly membership fees, and 20 more who purchase sets of day passes or single-use passes to use the office space and its amenities, which include fiber optic Wifi, printing, free parking, and pleasant, green surroundings.

Do grew up in the Netherlands, where activism around environmental issues seemed much more prevalent than it is here. “I experienced a bit of a shock when I moved to the US a decade ago and saw that the infrastructure is not set up to be conscientious and cautious about energy usage. Whether it’s at home or at my business, I try to maximize my opportunities for saving energy,” she said.

In addition to opting up to 100% renewable, carbon-free UltraGreen electricity, Davis Coworking uses smart LED lighting and smart thermostats to support sustainability. They recycle paper and plastic, discourage the use of individual plastic water bottles by offering filtered water in the office, and aim to reduce the use of paper cups by brewing fresh coffee daily that’s served from ceramic mugs kept on-hand in their “cup-board.”

The “Cup-board” aims to reduce waste from paper cups by incentivizing members to reuse their own mugs.

“This is not just a business I’m running,” Do told us. “My aim is to demonstrate that profitability and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. I hope to support and inspire other small business owners to run a successful business while also keeping in mind an environmentally conscious outlook.”

You can read more about Davis Coworking at www.davis-coworking.com.

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