If you get not a single word of praise, but only criticism, day in and day out, by family, friends…
RLA Bruce

You do realize that these “millionaire” athletes weren’t born with that kind of money, right? Many of them grew up in poor neighborhoods and have seen first hand the issues they are currently kneeling for. They worked very hard to make it to the NFL. It wasn’t just handed to them. Even if they didn’t grow up in dangerous neighborhoods people can still empathize with those that are. Saying that people should just do their jobs of entertaining and not worry about social issues in their country is wrong. Athletes spend countless hours of their time and donate a lot of their money to help improve their communities. We’ve recently seen athletes use their platform to raise millions upon millions to help people suffering from natural disasters. Is that ok to do, or should they just stick to entertaining fans? Maybe what you are saying is that it’s ok for athletes to help with issues that everyone agrees on but if the issue is at all controversial then they shouldn’t get involved. I mean, when they kneel during the anthem, it’s obviously impacting the entertainment that they are providing to you on the field, right?