Outdoor Workspace is the new “Happy Place”

dots SPACE
Aug 27, 2019 · 2 min read

Remember when the luxury snack bar was a major decision factor in choosing a company? I think by now we have learned that the superficial caffeine and sugar rush of the all day snack bar doesn’t actually move the productivity needle. Plus it gets old quick. A common challenge for all businesses is finding and keeping great employees. In today’s marketplace of start-ups and niche small businesses, it is vital to find the right talent and hold on to them for dear life. That’s why Dots has committed both the aesthetic and functional aspects of shared working spaces into our design to help you be the best company you can be.

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Dots Space — Culver City

Enter the outdoor workspace. A growing number of studies have repeatedly shown that employee initiative thrives when given a breath of fresh air. A recent survey by L.L. Bean concluded that most US employees believed increased outdoor working hours would improve their mood, lower stress, promote health and wellness and increase happiness. Several large companies, like Amazon, L.L. Bean, Microsoft and Etsy, have made stress releasing outdoor workspace a priority at their offices.

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dots SPACE Culver City Members Happy Hour

An outdoor workspace can also help improve creativity. A groundbreaking study by Stanford University added to the mix by finding that walking produced twice as many creative responses compared to a person sitting down. And it doubled down on walking outside vs. walking indoors, say on a treadmill, stating outdoor walking “produced the most novel and highest quality” ideas where 81 percent of participants experienced enhanced creative thinking. Dots provides (sqft?) of space to walk your heart out and get those creative juices flowing.

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Evening Party at dots SPACE Culver City

For start-ups and small businesses, collaboration is key. We are drawn to nature and it happens to be a natural relaxer. When working in an outdoor space your productivity and creativity is heightened along with your general mood, this opens a door to increased collaboration with others. There is no cool kid table at Dots, all are welcome to join in the conversation and make things happen.

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