10 Mind Blowing Student Hackathons From Around the World

Technology students love hackathons and rightly so! Student hackathons are a great destination for students to get their hands dirty on live projects that they believe in. Hackathons give them a unique opportunity to merge their creative ideas with their technical skills to build something new and exemplary.

Student-hackathons are fast becoming career-launchers for students. Organizations looking to hire future product innovators closely monitor hackathon participants and their projects to identify ‘out of the box’ thinkers to join their team. Many successful startups are first conceived at student hackathons. For future tech entrepreneurs, hackathons are a great way to build the first version of their big idea which can later be monetised. An interesting example would be of Easy Taxi, famously known as ‘the world’s most downloaded taxi app’, which was built at Startup Weekend hackathon back in 2011 in Rio de Janeiro.

Some of the most exciting student hackathons around the world are melting pots of cool ideas, creative thinking and superb programming skills coming together. Take a look at these 10 student hackathons that have now become a robust platform for students to build something exciting from scratch:

1. www.hackprinceton.com

HackPrinceton promises to bring together 500 developers and designers from across the Unites States to create incredible software and hardware projects. The event provides a comfortable and enlivening atmosphere for students to build out progressive, innovative, and crazy ideas. At HackPrinceton, participants can meet fellow hackers, learn new technologies, and hone their skills alongside seasoned mentors. HackPrinceton is, first and foremost, a fun learning experience!

2. www.pixelhacks.tech

Pixelhacks is the Bay Area’s First All-Female High School Hackathon that invites high school girls in and around Santa Clara! It encourages students to build technology products to solve community problems. The event promises to teach basics of iOS App development, how to build bots, and how to use image and video recognition. It also offers cool prizes to the winners!

3. www.mhacks.org

MHacks is a 36-hour hackathon run by University of Michigan students. MHacks encourages participants to turn their ideas into reality. The event works as a platform that provides freedom to create a product, learn new techniques for future, or just have fun working on a project with friends.

4. www.chicagohacks.tech

Chicago Hacks is the Windy City’s Premier High School Hackathon that looks to educate newer students on computer science while also helping the more advanced programmers excel. The event encourages any students to come and grow their love for programming and create awesome projects. The event encourages non-coders to attend because the hackathon organizes different workshops on programming, hence it’s a perfect place for students to learn about the subject.

5. clashhacks.tech

ClashHacks is India’s largest student run independent hackathon. The event has various tracks such as Home Automation, Music, Hyperlocal Deliver, Game Development, API challenges and more. The event promises 30 thrilling hours with the smartest people, to build the coolest things and chug more caffeine than you ever thought possible.

6. hackinit.tech

hack.init() is China’s premier youth hackathon and the first high school hackathon that promotes inclusivity and cultural diversity. It brings together 300 brightest minds across the country to Shanghai for a 24-hour, nonstop feast of creativity, collaboration, and rapid learning. Unlike traditional hackathons, hack.init() pays special attention to local high school students, international high school students and university freshmen.

7. www.ecjamming.tech

E.C. Jamming stands for Entrepreneurs on Campus Jamming. This #CampusHack is a hackathon run by students, for students. The event promises to provide a fun, new, and fruitful learning experience! For 36 hours, participants come together to combine their expertise to build the most innovative and interdisciplinary creation that can possibly help millions of students around the world!

8. www.conuhacks.io

ConUHacks is a 24 hour hackathon with 400+ participants, held at Concordia University in the heart of downtown Montreal, Canada. The event is open to all university students that have a passion for creating things with technology! Projects at this hackathon are open format, which means that participants can hack on web, mobile, desktop, or hardware applications. Company mentors are available throughout the event for questions to make sure beginners and experts alike have the help they need to successfully develop their project.

9. Tinohacks.tech

TinoHacks, a project of Hacker Fund, is a two day long, 350 person hackathon hosted by Cupertino High School students where both new and experienced programmers can work together on projects, learn new skills, and have a splendid time. TinoHacks is a great way to begin programming experience for students! While basic understanding is recommended, TinoHacks will have workshops and mentors to help students make their project idea a reality.

10. anvil.goldsmiths.tech

Anvil Hack — the student-run hackathon at Goldsmiths, University of London, is now in its third year! The hackathon is focussed on the creative applications of technology taking place at a centre of creative computing research. The event encourages students to use their skills to make something wonderful, arty, musical!

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