Factors To Consider While Buying Mixer Grinder

One appliance to serve multiple purposes. A multi-tasker like a juicer mixer grinder is a boon in a modern-day kitchen. Go ahead, look up brands of juicer mixer grinder online and get one for your kitchen! You can see for yourself how a mixer grinder with juicer will help you not just grind lentils, spices or vegetables but also help you churn out some healthy and flavourful smoothies and juices this summer.

So, what factors should one consider while buying a juicer mixer grinder online?

  • The motor and wattage: The motor is at the heart of a mixer. If you want a mixer grinder with juicer, then you need a mixer with a good motor and wattage. A wattage of 750 W is a good specification to have in your mixer. This is all the more important because your mixer also comes with a juicer.
  • Jars: Check how many jars are available with your juicer mixer grinder online. If you juicer mixer grinder comes with three or four jars, it would be of great help. That means, you can use jars of different capacities and blades for dry and wet grinding. If you have buy a juicer mixer grinder, you would have a separate jar for juicing.
  • Speeds: Check how many speeds your mixer grinder with juicer comes with. You may need a juicer that comes with a slow speed juicing option. Slow speeds are important for juicing as you can churn out both tasty and healthy extracts. Make sure there are at least three speeds in your mixer grinder juicer. The pulse option is good to have when you have to coarsely grind your veg An advanced feature such as an electronic speed sensor would be good to have so as to ensure that grinding is at the programmed speed right from the beginning to the end.

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