My most recent learning experience

“A problem well-put is half-solved” –John Dewey

The past three weeks have being days filled with excitement, passion to learn more and determination to keep on doing better.

I have learned so much and I’m so happy of the things that I have managed to do and learn. When I began my challenge two of the Andela 100, I didn’t understand most of the concepts and how to go about them or where to even start but again I believed that nothing is impossible (had to fill myself with positive energy to achieve my goals) and we are here to learn. I took every challenge I faced one step at a time (of course had to get some help from my LFA, team members and online resources); Learning started becoming fun .

I am pleased with the amount of knowledge that I have acquired within this short span of time. I believe that at the end of this program I would have grown so much as an aspiring software developer and I believe this will get me closer to my dream. I have learnt something new each day from setting up flask, to integrating Travis CI, to writing test cases. I’m happy because these learning experiences and the challenges that come with it, have proved to be a stepping stone into achieving my dreams and goals of becoming a world-class software developer.

Challenges are their yes, but I am more than determined to face them boldly and with courage.