Get Your Desired Website Domain Name FREE! Choose .ooo — The Power Domain

So you have finally decided to launch your website?

Seeing the Digital Revolution I think this is the best time to create a presence on the Internet.

So, if you are thinking of hosting services along with the free Domain name then .OOO is the ideal domain registrar.

As described .OOO is The Power Domain. It was launched in 2014 by an Indian leading eCommerce portal Infibeam. The company claims to allow people to register the websites even with the .com domains. The free domain registration is available with global domain registrars such as Comlaude (London), CSC Global, ENom, Network Solutions, MarkMonitor,, and 101 Domains from the USA, GMO from Japan and EuroDNS from Luxembourg.

.OOO comes among the Top Level Domain Extension which is Google and SEO friendly.

There are several reasons why you will love this Apna Desi Domain from Infibeam available on

Why It Is Important to Buy Domain Name

Website Domain name is the digital address to your website. It is the URL with which the visitors will find you on the Internet. Short URLs with the company name, that are easy to remember and type, attract more visitors.

Get Rid Of Long URLs

Most of the TLDs do not have availability of premium free domain names as they are already taken. But with .OOO you get to select the high-level premium domains from the huge repository of domain names available on BUY.OOO

The short names accurately define your business and make you stand out from the crowd.

A well established and short domain names make it easy for your customers to find you on the web and thus you get high traffic than others.

Keyword rich premium and short domains boost your SEO ranking.

You get TLD at such a low price

You are looking to buy the domain name as — but it is already taken. No worries you can now buy the — a top-level domain extension at best prices. You get to choose from the huge repository with the lowest prices guaranteed.

A new .ooo domain can be bought for ₹ 1699 per year for about next ten years! Or use the GETOOO code and buy a domain name for free.

Global Domain

There are basically two types of Domain names- Global Names which are not restricted to a country and other Region based. The regions based domains are associated with a region.

.OOO is a Global Domain and thus you are not bound to any regional boundaries. Thus it becomes easier for you to attract visitors from all over the globe.

How To Get The .OOO Domain?

Now you are convinced and stand up to Give YOOOUR Business An OOO Advantage?

There are many registrars giving away the .ooo domain, you can buy from them or simply log in to BUY.OOO

Register your Domain name at lowest prices. Use the coupon code — “GETOOO” to avail your first domain name for free. You get several options to choose your domain name

  • Buy a single Domain Name
  • Register Bulk Domain Names
  • Easy access to the Premium Free Domain Names
  • Also, book your internationalized domain

Along with registration you also get the option to transfer the Domain names from the existing one.

Along With Website Domain Name Get Free Hosting Services

With every Domain Name, you register BUY.OOO gives you over $100 for free Add-On services. The services include-

  • Email Account
    A company email account gives an identity to your website and makes your business look legit. With a domain name, you get 2 personalized email accounts. Eg-
  • DNS Management
    Get a lifetime free DNS service to manage all your DNS records to reduce the human error in the DNS Infrastructure.
  • Bulk Tools
    To do bulk changes into your domains, get easy access to the Bulk Tools. It helps you register, Renew, Transfer and make other changes as required.

You also get to do Domain Forwarding, to put your domain name into another website. The Control panel lets you renew, manage and change the domain name services with a just simple click.

So thinking to buy free website domain name?

It is the time to Look Beyond DOTCOMS as DOT “OOO” IS HERE.