Hello my name is Julia or as my friends call me “JJ”. My life was normal. I live in an apartment. I go to a high school. I have a Slug-bug. Totally normal but one day at school , Kaia walked up to me and said . “ Hey how was science .”

“Terrible as always ,” I responded. My teacher, Mrs.Bright ,wasn’t so bright, I wondered If she secretly wanted to blow me up.She was always trying to make me embarrassed .But hopefully ,when I’m a sophomore, she will trust me more, but I don’t think she will.

After lunch I went by the office I heard something, my principle was on the phone he said”Bye Mary see you at our date”. Wait ,could he possible be talking about my mom , Mary.

Part 2

There Dating!

when I got home I called my mom. No answer I called her again, no answer, I called her a third time and she finally answered. She said

“ hey Julia how are you.”

“oh Im fine thanks, I was wondering were you are.”

“ Sorry have to go.”

At that moment I had to know what was going on. I tried texting her she wouldn't respond. After what felt like hours I finally got a text Saying

Hey just got home ( :

were where you

I was know were ; }

Were where you !!!!!

mom is offline.

Uggggggg she is soooooo annoying. I wish she would tell me were she is. now I know she is at her “date” I heard about.

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