The future has finally arrived — yet we still commute

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This time last year I decided that my main goal for 2019 was to cut out — or at least cut down — my daily commute. I’m delighted to report that I’ve achieved this, but it meant making a major life change.

I began by negotiating a couple of days a week from home, which was a good start, but not enough. By July I started really thinking about how I could make it work. This included listening more closely to the inner voice which just wanted to jump off the corporate bandwagon altogether and return to working for myself…

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I recently listened to a radio interview with author Julian Gough, about his latest children’s book, Rabbit’s Bad Habits. Mr. Gough talked about how the book evolved from a bedtime story for his 6 year old daughter Sophie, into a successful novel.

While I’m sure this is not the first time that a children’s novel has evolved from a bedtime story, Mr. Gough’s method was interesting and could well have been a story about UX design.

Like most parents, when my own children were young I would read them stories at bedtime. Sometimes — usually when I was too lazy…

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I get asked this question a lot and each time I do, I search my outbox for the last reply I sent so that I can update it and send it again. So I thought it would be useful to post it here instead.

UX is a relatively recent addition to the Software Design process and practitioners come from all kinds of backgrounds — Graphic Design, Service Design, Web Development, Journalism, Marketing, Psychology, Architecture and more.

The role of a UX designer can be as confusing to UX Designers themselves as it is to the companies that hire them so…

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What is UX?

UX stands for ‘User Experience’ — that is, how your product works when people interact with it.

If your users have difficulty carrying out a common task on your app, then they come away feeling frustrated; If they can carry out the task they came to your product to do, they come away feeling satisfied; If they can carry out the task and love how your product helps them to achieve their goal, then they will remember their experience and return to your product.

Design is everywhere. Take the ballpoint pen for example. You probably use one every day in…

Have your cake and eat it

UX / UI What now?

UX stands for ‘User Experience’. In short, it’s the feel-good factor you get when browsing or working on a well thought-out website, it’s the design behind the design. It’s the whole cake eating experience.

UX specialists design the experience for the user and not just for aesthetics. For example, how many times have you tried to perform a task on your computer or phone and felt frustrated? Or tried a beautifully iced cake only to be disappointed by the cake itself?

UI stands for ‘User Interaction’ it is the application of the interaction design. Polishing, fine-tuning and bringing the product…

I recently updated a checkout area for a client. The original site dates back to around 2002 so, suffice to say there was a lot we could do to make the checkout process easier for the customer; removing extraneous fields - a legacy from a simpler time - cleaning up the layout and adding some friendly tooltips and form validation methods.

The old form had a hideous captcha, which didn’t always work, so I set out to look for a new solution. …

Getting down and dirty with users tasks

We live in the country. Our neighbour has several large old oak trees overhanging our garden. Every Autumn, the trees drop their leaves into our garden, but never mind, my husband has a leaf blower — and he’s not afraid to use it.

It’s more a leaf sucker than blower as it sucks up the leaves like a large vacuum cleaner. It has a mechanism for mulching the debris (up to 14 gallons of dry leaves in less than a minute — according to the manufacturer) so that you can collect quite a lot in the large canvas bag before…

User Experience matters, down to the minutest detail

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One of my favourite places to eat is Chakra by Jaipur, an award-winning Indian restaurant located near where I live. Everything about this restaurant is fabulous, the food, service, ambiance — all top notch. I usually order a vegetarian starter, Aloo Mater Ki Tikki (crispy fried potato cakes with cumin scented peas, sweet & sour yoghurt & mint pesto). The presentation is magnificent; 3 or 4 delicious potato cakes surrounded by incredibly tasty decorative morsels with beautifully arranged swirls of piquant sauce served in a large deep wide-brimmed dish.

Now, every time I order this dish and usually before I…

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