Zpay Network Token — Revolution

Zpay Network is Cryptocurrency created with smart contracts using Ethereum blockchain technology.

We made major changes to the Zpay Network token project, so we created a new design and strategy.

As one of the cryptocurrency, Zpay Network will be widely circulated in the market to make payments more modern and efficient. Our team is working hard in succeeding Zpay Network token as a efficient payment tool in the market which in future will be traded using our quick and fast light Zpay Network wallet as well. our team will be working on negotiating different deals with different merchants to accept Zpay Network Token as a payment option.

why Zpay Network is able to guarante faster transactions and efficient? because Zpay Network uses a peer to peer system decentralized by the blockchain ethereum network, with excellence the Zpay Network was able to replace the ancient payment role still using third party assistance such as banking and instruments which means the payment in cash or non cash by the user in making transactions.

New features Zpay Network Token

Social Gambling Game Zplaygames.io

We offer games based solely on skill and luck, players can get more ZPN tokens with their gambling results. The game run on an Ethereum Smart Contract.

because of that, this game has literally no technical possibilities to cheat, you can withdraw deposits and withdrawals instantly and faster while playing in the game using zpay light wallet.

Update Token Sale with a new bonus

As many 67% Zpay Network of the total supply will be our sales token to investors, you can buy Zpay Network token at the moment token sale process takes place, with it you will get the price which is much cheaper than when the Zpay Network token has entered some market exchange.

you can buy instant token Zpay Network during token sale process takes place. therefore more than half of the funds from the sale of Zpay Network tokens we will allocate to the progress of the project, such as funds to do listing in some markets, and making wallet light version to android users and ios.

Bonus Structure

Bonus 35 % Week 1

Bonus 25 % Week 2

Bonus 15 % Week 3

Bonus 5 % Week 4

Update RoadMap

Q4 2017 Contract creation and airdrop started.

Q4 2017 Token sale started and bounty program.

Q4 2017 Development of Zplaygames.io.

Q1 2018 Token Sale ended and airdrop distribution.

Q1 2018 Development of light wallet API started.

Q1 2018 Listing on potential exchange.

Q1 2018 Zplaygames is launched.

Q2 2018 Listing on Coinmarketcap.

Q2 2018 Listing on more bigger exchange.

Q3 2018 Wallet light beta version for android and iOS.

Q3 2018 Negotiations with potential merchants over accepting ZPN as a Cryptocurrency

Development Light Wallet

In order to facilitate the transaction as Zpay Network users send and receive a token, we already have a plan to make a light wallet that will be running well on android and ios plaftrom mobile.

With the light wallet Zpay Network version, you will have completely freedom to your token, you can receive and send token whenever and wherever u r but to make it more efficient,

our team need more time to develope this wallet system, and we have made schedule in token roadmap Zpay Network , not just for saving Zpay Network Token , your wallet can also store as bitcoin ethereum and , that this tags light wallet Zpay Network very useful.


Website : https://zpay.network

Github : https://github.com/Zpay-Network

Twitter : https://twitter.com/ZpayNetwork

Blog : https://blog.zpay.network

Discord : https://discord.gg/NRZd69u

Email : hello@zpay.network