Is Law Really More Disappointing Than Other Professions?
Ester Bloom

I don’t think this is terribly surprising for any field where the main draw for most is to make a lot of money.

I totally get that many people will get into law for the right reasons, but I’ll wager that most kids still have the general notion that being a lawyer is prestigious and a sure-fire way to become wealthy. They blindly follow this notion into the ridiculously competitive and expensive world of law school without really doing their homework about what being a lawyer really entails.

After law school, the good candidates will end up dropped into the turn and burn machine that is a huge law firm and the less than stellar candidates will find themselves unemployed or making relatively small bucks in government or small time firms. Within a few years, the dream is dead for many and they’re still stuck with a huge student loan. They come to the realization that they paid $200K and absolutely killed themselves in school for the opportunity to become an overworked corporate drone or paper pusher, or that the work they do find or enjoy didn’t require a law degree to begin with.

Don’t get me wrong. I really do respect the legal profession and the fact that legal degrees can lead to all sorts of future career paths. I just think that too many people still view the law as a glamorous and sexy career (thank John Grisham for that) and get into the field for all of the wrong reasons.

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