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Ok, the first thing I want to ask you is this — do you actually believe that the Cuban healthcare system is better than the NHS? Is this something you actually believe? If you believe that, in the face of all evidence and logic, then it is difficult to have a debate.

But let me try. First of all are you aware that Professor Michael Tynan was a member of the Communist Party in the UK? How did you arrive at him being an ‘eminent British surgeon’? The man went around schools in the UK giving propaganda lectures to communist students about the wonders of Cuban healthcare. Why exactly is this someone you feel is a fair arbiter here?

Have you heard of Dr. Hilda Molina Morejon? She was the former Chief Neurosurgeon of Cuba and has been banned from leaving the Island because she complained when Castro told her to start treating foreigners only who pay in dollars. Till today she cannot leave the country and has been banned from practicing medicine.

Others have written books about how the system actually works for ordinary Cubans. Here’s an example

Your point about the abortion rates being the work of Miami is funny because high abortion rates is common to ALL communist countries. I mean, China is the perfect example — hundreds of millions of abortions have been carried out there to enforce the one child rule. The real reason is that Communist countries are usually obsessed with statistics and will do anything to achieve the numbers they want. So blaming foreigners for Cuba’s high figures doesnt work — you only have to check other communist countries. They are all super high just that Cuba is slightly higher than average.

I am happy you posted the SERCE document. Now I want you to go to page 24 and look at Table 4 on that page. Look at the distribution of Cuba’s figures across levels 1 to 6. Next go to Table 7 on page 29. Again look at the distribution from levels 1 to 6. Compare to the other countries. Go to Table 10 on page 34, look at the distribution of levels 1 to 6. Go to Table 13 on page 39, look at the distribution. Finally, look at Table 16 on page 43. Do you see the distribution patterns there?

If you believe those kind of numbers, you have fallen for a con. It is impossible for any country to have this kind of intelligence distribution. This is another trick that Castro played. To convince people that the revolution was working, you have to ‘produce’ statistics that are externally measured and what foreigners look at. Education and infant mortality are the 2 most common and he focused heavily on those using all sorts of tricks. How can it be that in ever category, Cuban children were fully distributed into the highest level of intelligence? Have you seen this anywhere else in th world? What they were doing was probably getting rid of children who were not very bright and retaining only the most intelligent. The problem was that they overdid like someone rigging an election who ended up with more votes than registered voters.

I am not going to bother responding to the restaurant point because I dont believe it’s a serious point. Are you happy for someone to judge Nigeria’s wealth levels by how much a restaurant in Ikoyi makes? Or the number of private jets in Lagos and Abuja?

How did 85 Canadian companies manage to do business in Cuba? In what currencies were all those tourists paying for Cuban medical tourism? How about all the nickel and cobalt Cuba sold to Canada? Canada is practically America’s closest friend and they were able to openly criticise America’s position on Cuba without repercussion. Fidel Castro was one of the pall bearers at the former Canadian PM’s — Pierre Trudeau — funeral in Canada. A lot of countries did business with Cuba during the embargo. They were free to trade with anybody and collected their money in dollars for all the stuff they sold. The former chief surgeon specifically mentioned that Castro ordered her to switch to treating foreigners so they could earn dollars.

If you have allowed yourself to be deceived by Communist propaganda, I am sorry. But I am not the person you can bamboozle with that kind of stuff.

Communism is an evil ideology. It can only work by denying people even the most basic freedoms. And that is why it has left a trail of millions upon millions of deaths wherever it has been practiced.

Educate yourself. And then save yourself

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