That’s where the issue of absolutism comes in. I am no longer a fan of the way we go gung-ho about opinions/policies contrary to our worldview. Our generation needs to treat opinions from even 'stupid' people on its merit. We cant keep shutting out voices we don’t fancy hence we continue to have more Trumps and Buharis on our hands. Ogbeh could be right sometimes.
Ok, so maybe I need to make it clearer, my aim was not to prove that Ogbeh made that statement…

Who exactly is shutting down anything here? Ogbeh’s comments were all Over the papers and are still on the Agric ministry’s website.

So when you say we can’t keep shutting down opinions, what exactly does this mean? Ogbeh is not accountable to anybody except the President and no one has sanctioned him for his comments. If you want to tolerate Ogbeh’s views I don’t see how anyone is stopping you from doing so. You clearly have and you published it publicly. So what’s the story here?

And this feedstock you’re talking about – is it natural gas or the by product of natural gas which explains why it would be priced lower than normal gas? To suggest that the same gas used to fire power plants etc and sold for $7 is the same gas used for fertiliser and sold at $1 is really hard to understand.

But what do I know. If you believe government should have a say in pricing of fertiliser, no one can stop you from holding that view

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