Shortly after the revolution, with the aid of clergy, the CIA spread lies claiming that the…
Isaac Chude

You did not respond to any single point I made. Instead you’ve answered a question no one asked based on what one doctor said.

I did not use the World Bank data because the world bank stopped publishing them around 2006 or so and specifically give a warning that their data is not wholly reliable due to discrepancies based on what they found themselves and what the Cuban authorities told them.

The official GDP of Cuba for reference year 2011 is 68,990.15 million in national currency. However, this number and its breakdown into main aggregates are not shown in the tables because of methodological comparability issues. Therefore, Cuba’s results are provided only for the PPP and price level index. In addition, Cuba’s figures are not included in the Latin America and world totals.

You can read the section on Cuba in that report.

So in short, it seems you’re the one desperately holding on to what you want to believe about Cuba even in the face of contrary evidence

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