My oldest friend

November 15th

Cast into the world with an anvil mind

My brown and mild eyes

Held weight from many lifetimes.

A shadow holds on to my pale

And bone carved skin

Like the stars cling to the ceiling at night.

Druid moons and hope spun blues

rush to meet my empty soul

and my tongue is fat with ancient spells

Casting away the demons

For a good nights rest.

This is an ode to my dearest friend

A most contemptuous and vile amigo

a liar and a saint

who brings me peaks and valleys and

leaves me alone in broken wells

staring at the blood soaked sun

crossing the meridian with a smile.

I am too kind and too weak to deny

the warm comfort of an old friends company, hello’s and goodbye’s.

One day the shadow will dissipate

The way dew eventually goes back into the clouds

But today, I invite it in and share a cup of tea

We exchange stories

And we cry

For all the time

We have spent together.


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