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Feb 27, 2018 · 8 min read

What is Doublejump?

The revived and re-imagined Doublejump is an independent Australian publication that provides top-quality coverage of the video game industry through exploratory feature articles and editorials, industry interviews, convenient news Digests and thoughtful, insightful reviews. Our staff is an eclectic mix of enthusiasts who play everything from multiplayer shooters to JRPGs and mobile MOBAs, and have all come together to celebrate the love of the wonderful video game industry.

What can I expect from Doublejump?

At this early stage of our existence, we are releasing editorials, features and reviews of AAA and indie titles as often as we can in addition to a weekly news digest that comes out every Sunday night! We have significant plans for the site’s future, as well, with the intention to begin running interview series and creating audio and video content in the site’s name.

Where can I find Doublejump on social media?

Doublejump maintains a presence on the “big three” social networks — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — and we’ll update this post as we expand!

Any likes, comments and shares that you bring to our social media pages will help our website grow, and we’d love to have you as part of our community in that way!

How can I support Doublejump?

At this stage, the easiest way for you to support the site is by striking up a conversation on our social media and bringing some friends with you as well. However, if you’re interested in doing a little more to help us grow the site, you can:

Meet the Team:

Doublejump’s success up to this point would not be possible without the incredibly diligent work of its wonderful team:

Editor-in-Chief: Jake Colosimo

One of Doublejump’s three founding fathers, Jake has held the Editor-in-Chief position every single day that the site has existed and had a hand in the production and publication of thousands of editorials, features, news articles and reviews, as well as major event coverage. His goal for Doublejump is to work to break the stigma that inexplicably surrounds video gaming and to shed light on its more practical applications.

Outside of games and writing, Jake’s hobbies include playing and watching sports (he’s a massive fan of both “soccer” — the real football — and basketball), listening to music, making really terrible jokes and puns, quoting various cartoons and television shows, being with his family and hating the fact that he’s closer to 30 than he is to 20. He’ll probably also talk your ear off, given the chance.

Favourite System: PlayStation 2
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy X

Follow Jake: Medium | Twitter | Instagram

Managing Editor: Abir Chowdhury

Video games saved Abir’s life, and he wears his love for them (quite literally) on his sleeve. He is one of Doublejump’s three founding fathers, and has written thousands of news articles, reviews, and interviews in addition to covering major events over the years. As Managing Editor, Abir is focused on building Doublejump into a stalwart of Australian video game coverage by forging relationships with developers and publishers as well as by planning the brilliant content that graces your screen every week. He also takes the lead on delivering each Doublejump Digest to keep you in the loop.

Abir enjoys relaxing after a hard day’s work with a tense session of his favourite multiplayer shooter, but he is also an avid tech enthusiast, car lover, film and TV fan, budding home cook, amateur photographer, and karaoke killer. He wants to give back to the video game community by telling interesting stories, by informing fans of the latest industry news, and by encouraging the next generation of gamers to celebrate their passion for the medium.

Favourite System: PC
Favourite Game: Mass Effect

Follow Abir: Medium | Twitter | Web | Flickr | LinkedIn

Senior Staff Contributor: Cav Gallagher

Cav is a playwright and freelance writer who has been published in Grok, Whingeing Pom and Metro magazines, and was Games Editor at CHUD.com. He’s also co-host of the There Will Be Geek podcast, where he specializes in film and off-colour jokes.

Cav has been a committed gamer since his parents bought him an Atari 2600 in 1980, which makes him the Danny Glover of Doublejump.

Favourite System: Xbox 360
Favourite Game: Red Dead Redemption

Follow Cav: Medium | LinkedIn | Facebook

Staff Contributors:

Ayden A. Carter
Ayden is a fiction writer, occasional podcast host, and outlandish voice actor. After publishing a novel at the age of 18, Ayden went on to produce numerous community podcast programs. This led to his active duty as a voice actor, starring in everything from web-comics to Skyrim mods. Being able to write for Doublejump enables Ayden to pursue two of his long-held passions: gaming and writing.

Ayden happily plays anything from RPGs to tactical shooters to space sims, and now that he can say it’s work, it’s not procrastinating anymore!

Favourite System: PlayStation 4
Favourite Game: Halo: Combat Evolved

Follow Ayden: Medium | Twitter | LinkedIn

Cai Holroyd
Cai is a journalism student, pop culture enthusiast and semi-rogue outlaw. He has a passion for classic science-fiction, 3D platformers, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is in a co-dependent relationship with sleep deprivation, although neither of them want to admit it.

He got into gaming playing Banjo-Kazooie on the Nintendo 64 and hasn’t stopped since. When he’s not writing for Doublejump, Cai is also heavily involved in community radio and the Scouting movement. In his spare time, he enjoys camping, entertaining others and looking after his mug collection.

Favourite System: Nintendo 64
Favourite Game: Don’t Starve

Follow Cai: Medium

Damon O’Loughlin
Damon is a complex nerd who loves to talk and write about all of his favourite things in life. Although his passions are too many to list, he does love his cars, drumming, films and games. Oh, and pizza. One can never forget pizza. Damon prides himself on being able to find a Simpsons quote for absolutely anything and, having completed the National Dex and become a successful shiny hunter, probably being the biggest Pokémon buff you’ll ever meet.

Damon has always been an avid and enthusiastic gamer and always enjoyed writing, so embarking on the journey to become a games journalist was a no-brainer for him; it shaped his pathway through university — where he studied and majored in Journalism — and led him to Doublejump to chase his dream one article at a time.

Favourite System: Nintendo Switch
Favourite Game: Pokémon Heart Gold

Follow Damon: Medium

Emily McKail
Emily is an enthusiastic gamer who focuses her attention on adventures, first-person shooters, and the rush of adrenaline that comes from a good horror game. She’s almost always listening to music — with tastes ranging from heavy metal to Broadway soundtracks and everything in between — and when she’s not gaming, you’ll probably find her reading, painting, or quoting her favourite movies and TV shows.

Emily credits her position with Doublejump for the growth of her passion for the games industry, which she hopes to show through her writing for a long time to come.

Favourite System: PlayStation 4
Favourite Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Follow Emily: Medium

Rhys Antonio
Our self-proclaimed “RPG Guy” (a claim that nobody’s debated), Rhys has been a passionate gamer for as long as he can remember. His love for gaming began with Super Mario Bros. and has since evolved into an affinity for platformers such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and Super Mario and the aforementioned RPGs (particularly the early Final Fantasy titles, Kingdom Hearts and Shin Megami Tensei.

When he’s not playing games, Rhys loves to spend time with his niece and nephew, play Dungeons and Dragons with his friends, watch films and TV shows (usually binge-style), and write stories of his own with the soundtracks to his favourite games blaring to help set the mood. He considers his position on Doublejump a perfect way to both share his love for games, and to improve himself as a writer, and Doublejump can’t wait to see what’s in store from him!

Favourite System: PlayStation 2
Favourite Game: Persona 5

Follow Rhys: Medium | Twitter

Community Leads:

Natalie Divola
Natalie is the woman behind the memes and Doublejump’s (pretty rad) Instagram page. Gaming, writing, and crappy puns have always been at the top of her list of passions, so having her contribute to our social media platforms just made sense. Also, we couldn’t make her go away. We tried.

When she’s not binging through a series on Netflix, you can find this bubbly lady at the gym working on her #gainz, whipping up something fab in the kitchen, or crushing n00bs while blasting Taylor Swift’s latest album.

Here’s what some close friends have to say about Natalie:

“She’s so cute, I love her.” — Kylie Jenner
“I don’t know her.” — Mariah Carey
“How did you get in my house?” — Ellen DeGeneres

Favourite System: PlayStation 4
Favourite Game: World of Warcraft

Follow Natalie: Twitter | Instagram

Doublejump would not be possible without the wonderful people listed above, but a special mention must be made of our wonderful Patreon supporters whose generosity and confidence in our project is helping us keep the dream of Australian games journalism well and truly alive!

  • Robert “The Real” Deal
  • Reetam “Read ’em and weep” Nandi

We would also like to thank the following fantastic journalists who have contributed to Doublejump since its return in November 2016, be it as a staff member or on a guest basis:

  • Alex O’Neill — Former General Manager
  • Luke Larobina — Founder, Guest Contributor
  • Jesse Munro — Guest Contributor

Get in touch!

If you’re a developer, publisher or PR firm that wants a game covered here on Doublejump, please get in touch with us at press[at]doublejump[dot]co!

If you’re a writer who wants to join our team or write a guest feature for us… keep your eyes peeled. 😉

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