Back Home Again…

Nov 20, 2018 · 4 min read

Dan Agerter

It is the middle of February, -5 degrees with a -35 degree wind chill, and I am walking a mile and a quarter to the train that I will ride for 40 minutes to get to work. This is when I realized that I needed to either ‘find my beach’, or find a permanent change in scenery.

My wife and I loved the city of Chicago. The beautiful summer days where the sun was shining and Lake Michigan was reflecting a perfect turquoise blue color, were days that could rival any location in the world. Having endless world class restaurant options that were just half a block away and countless varieties of entertainment were also perks that could rival any other city. Not to mention the love and passion the city of Chicago has for its professional sports teams made me think that I would never want to leave. Although, as time went on, and as I continued my daily routine in the city that I loved, I started realizing that although Chicago offers all these amazing traits, I personally was starting to turn into a “city” person that I did not want to become.

Sometimes all it takes is a -5 degree walk to the train that helps you reflect upon what is and is not important to you in your life. The “big city” work hours started to take a toll on my happiness. The frostbitten walks to the train were becoming increasingly unbearable. The constant dodging and my ever evolving impatience with tourists was, to say the least, reaching ludicrous speed levels.

All of these items, many not mentioned, made me feel like I was barely holding onto my sanity.

I was just waiting for someone to hit the emergency brake and for me to stick a Dark Helmetesque style landing.

Over the next few months my wife and I had many discussions related to moving out of our beloved city and into a new city, or back home to Indiana. One night I remember hearing from my brother in-law that he had a friend who was working for a company called DoubleMap, a fast growing software company in Indianapolis, and he was looking to hire a sales representative. As I had always been very interested in getting into the software sales industry, I instantly felt that this was a sign and a great opportunity, so I sent in my resume and inquired about the position that very night. The next night, believe it or not, my wife was also approached and told about an opening for a position in Indianapolis which she was extremely excited about, so she also sent in her resume. After a couple weeks, we both ended up getting the positions we applied for, and after that we both felt like this was a sign that we had found the location for our permanent change in scenery.

My wife and I have now been in Indianapolis for almost 2 years and it has been everything we were expecting it to be. We both have a good amount of family and friends that live in the area, so it has been awesome being much closer to all of them. There are definitely things that we miss about being in Chicago, but there are some awesome things that we are starting to love about being back in Indiana. The change of pace from one city to the other has been life changing. Having a house, a big yard, a dog, and two cars are things that we never needed or thought about getting while we were living in Chicago, but now we are able to have them in Indiana and we absolutely love it.

I realize that all of this was possible because DoubleMap was willing to hire me. I started at DoubleMap as a Sales Development Rep, but with the room for growth that DoubleMap allows, I am now learning and growing everyday in a Customer Success position. I have been lucky to learn and develop my professional skills under DoubleMap’s amazing leadership team, and I look forward to continuing not only my professional growth, but also my personal growth while working for this incredible company. I can now smile as I look back at those frigid walks to the train in Chicago knowing that my time there was great, but being back home again is so much sweeter.

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