Balancing School and Work

Alex Gregory

I have been at DoubleMap for almost 2 years now and am just starting my third year at IUPUI. Working full time as well as attending college full time has certainly had its ups and downs. From going to classes until 10 at night after working an 8-hour work day, to staying up all weekend working on homework. Although at times it can be a struggle, I wouldn’t trade the experience and knowledge I get from my job at DoubleMap for anything in the world.

Coming straight out of high school to going to work at a tech company was extremely intimidating, but I knew it was an opportunity that not many people at my age have. It was certainly challenging from the start, but what seemed challenging when I started, is daily routine now. Solving complex support tickets is much simpler now and shipping replacement hardware/managing inventory levels has become much more streamlined than when I first started.

I have also been able to apply the things I am currently learning at IUPUI to different responsibilities I have at DoubleMap. Things I’ve learned from business management classes have translated directly over to managing support for a handful of clients, writing classes helped me while I was doing technical writing for RFP’s, computer classes have helped me understand Microsoft Excel and make documents to track all sorts of company metrics, and inventory levels, supply chain classes have helped me better understand how to manage inventory levels, etc. The list goes on and on of what I have been able to apply, and I’m sure it will continue to grow.

Working at a growing tech company has provided me with opportunities I know I would not get anywhere else. I love being able to see the company grow, while learning new skills that I would not get sitting in a college classroom. I look forward to gaining more experience at DoubleMap and continuing my education and am excited to keep watching DoubleMap grow.