DM, 2 Letters to Rule Them All.

Thomas Holmes

I have always been a fan of the fantasy genre: movies, books, video games. It allowed me to explore new worlds. I wanted to design a world myself but also get to experience others exploring that world. I quickly combined my love for fantasy and found myself playing a little Role Playing Game called Dungeons and Dragons. If you aren’t familiar, I highly recommend it. But where video games have a set of world building tools, Dungeons and Dragons is only limited to the imagination of the Dungeon Master, or DM. The DM is in charge of creating the story, building the world, and playing all of the world’s inhabitants besides the few characters run by the other players.

Designing the world for my players is a very involved process, along with the actual design of the continent, cities, towns, dungeons, or a dragon’s lair, it also includes designing the personalities of any Non Player Character in the world. And beyond designing them I also get to be that person if a Player Character tries to interact with them.. So whether it’s the generous Queen of an empire, a traveling merchant trying to pay off debts, or a young orphan trying to steal so he can eat that day, I need to adapt. This is one of my favorite parts of being a DM because it forces me to understanding other points of view as well as find new ways to solve problems. All of this not only allows me to create the world around the party of adventurers, but also be a part of it myself.

Besides being a source of fun for me and some friends, being a Dungeon Master has certainly helped me in my roles at DoubleMap, my other DM. I started here in Support, which put me on the front line with clients, working through issues and ensuring things ran smoothly. From there I have moved into a Project Manager role, which focuses on helping clients build their systems without our platform. Each of these roles let me see the worlds these clients are working on building, the maps they create, the difficulties they face and helping them get the tools they need to succeed. Being able to take on personalities of multiple characters each session of Dungeons and Dragons helped me feel more comfortable speaking as myself and communicating more clearly, which is arguably the most important part of any client facing position. I look forward to creating and expanding my worlds through as a DM, and also helping others improve theirs through DoubleMap.