DoubleMap — Where Team is Key

Tyler Kitchel

I grew up in a sports family. Both of my parents were former college athletes and I was lucky enough to play college athletics myself. I have always been apart of teams and everyone working with each other to meet a common goal. The best teams I have been apart of start with great leadership and selfless teammates. There are so many intangible pieces that everyone in our sales staff brings on a daily basis at DoubleMap, just like on a basketball team. Not everyone who plays basketball or is fortunate enough to be on a team can be Michael Jordan or Lebron James. But at DoubleMap, being a “ROLE” player is very important and if WE, as a team, do our roles well then our individual goals are being reached. This type of culture and selfless thinking has helped me grow as a person into someone who cares more about others than for personal or monetary gain. Since the day I was hired I’ve noticed the way people treat each other at DoubleMap; it was something I had never had noticed in the workplace. We all see at DoubleMap how much each team, Sales, Operations, and Development, rely on each other to complete or manage a project. Within our sales staff we have our senior business development reps who are finishers or guys that have proven they can really shoot and get the job done when we need it. We also have junior business development reps like myself. We assist on each deal but are more than willing to knock down a shot if our senior reps are overloaded. Last our sales development reps do a great job rebounding and grabbing cold leads for both our East and West coast teams. At DoubleMap you aren’t asked to score 30 points, grab 20 rebounds, and hand out 10 assists each game, or day of work. Performing your role and doing what you do best for the team is key in our success. The team leaders are great at showing each of us how we are appreciated and we can be at our best. With these roles and players who fulfill them, our DoubleMap team has been setup to succeed, while having a blast with the people at the same time.