Public Transportation from Rome to Home

My name is Madeline Moyer and I am a Customer Success Representative here at DoubleMap. For the majority of my life, public transportation has been a foreign and nonexistent concept to me. I guess that’s kind of comical now considering that not only do I work in the public transportation industry, but everyday I work with our current clients, often times being a public transportation agency, to ensure that their systems are running smoothly and efficiently. In general, I have never had to give much thought to how I was going to get somewhere. I woke up every day with the assumption that my parents would drive me wherever I needed to go in one of our two cars and that at 16, I would certainly get a car of my own and drive myself. Maybe upon reading this, this sounds like the typical and normal situation to you. However, this is not the experience that everyone has.

Since I started working at DoubleMap, I have given my transportation experience quite a bit more thought. I studied in Rome for 4 months and my school was about 3 miles from my apartment. The bus system there was so confusing and since I never actually knew when the bus would arrive, I opted for that long walk almost everyday. As you can imagine, I was a bit frustrated about the transportation situation when I was there, but it resonates with me even more now as I see the bigger picture of what role transportation has in an individual’s life. This was a very small portion of my life in relation to my “simple” transportation experience up until then, but I still feel it had an affect on me. In short, I have realized that not only had I not considered what other transportation methods were out there, but I never realized what a correlation my experience has had to the path of my life. Think of the sequence of events in your life that transportation is connected to. It may sound like a stretch, but take a person’s education for example. Getting to school as a child, getting to and from extracurricular activities or tutoring to buff up those college applications, getting around your college campus to get to class on time, getting to that first job interview, and so on. Not to sound dramatic, but these are life changing things. If I didn’t have such efficient and easy transportation, many things in my life could have been much more difficult or almost impossible to achieve. Even though this is a hypothetical scenario, it’s a very real possibility and a very real shift can occur in a person’s opportunities by that one simple connection. I wasn’t even in Rome for half a year and I certainly do think that not understanding the bus system affected how often I went to the library, participated in activities outside of class with the school, traveled, etc. So if my transportation experience is not the norm or at least not the only option out there, you start to think about what is? And does it get the job done as easily as how I have experienced? These sequences of events in life make up who we are and how far we go in life. So what if a factor affecting how far people go in life, is actual their ability to physically get somewhere?

That’s where DoubleMap comes in: innovation surrounding public transportation. We are attempting to upgrade a resource that millions of people depend on for their livelihood. Our real-time and on-demand apps help transit systems be the most dependable, efficient, and seamless they can be for their riders. So going back to my Rome experience, I now wonder what my life would’ve been if that was my norm? Considering this and putting myself in the shoes of someone who depends on public transportation, I can conclude that giving these people the easiest and most seamless experience is an extremely important mission, and it’s the mission that we here at DoubleMap strive for. While public transportation has come a long way, offering apps like ours to riders, is a step to take the experience and efficiency even further. At DoubleMap we like to say we are “always moving people”. I think this has several meanings. Of course, we are literally helping people get from point A to point B more easily, but I think that we are certainly helping to further people in life and giving them one more thing to depend on.