No Two Clients Will Ever Be The Same

Feb 3, 2019 · 2 min read
Chad Harding, DoubleMap, Inc.

APC, AVA, DPC, AVL, Dilax, Hella, Blocks, Trips, Runs. These were just a few of the terms that were fired at me when I started at DoubleMap in early August. It was a whirlwind of information and just when I thought I was on top of things, I started learning about hardware, installations, how each Transit System runs.

What did I figure out quickly? No two clients will ever be the same.

Having played college golf, it made me think of the golf swing and how no two swings are the same. Seriously, go watch 5 minutes of a PGA tour and you will see each player is trying to move that little white ball around the same course completely differently. Each player has the same goal but attacks the problem differently. Why? It could be due to physical limitations, thought process, or any other number of factors. I remember spending hours learning about golf swing theory and learning why each player swings the way they do.

Each transit system is trying to accomplish the same goal: Serve their ridership as efficiently as possible. However, each transit has to attack the problem differently due to their circumstances. Number of buses, size of the area they service, or whatever unique circumstances could affect them determine how a transit agency operates.

It’s why I have had so much fun since joining the team at DoubleMap. Each client poses new challenges, issues, and quirks to learn about and overcome together. Learning why clients are setting their systems up a certain way has been fascinating to me.

I really look forward to learning more and helping clients in 2019.

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