The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad
James Allworth

Absolutely agree that the focus of response to incidents like San Bernardino should be aimed at guns. This situation in this country with respect to guns is (absurd, pathetic, frustrating, tragic — pick one, they’re all true). Force yourself to look at the photos and read the names of the victims of Sandyhook — hell, it doesn’t even have to be a mass shooting; the tragedy surrounds us. We must come to grips with it as a society.

But we should be cautious about holding up Apple as a paragon of civic decency, a company with a steadfast adherence to “principles”. I haven’t heard Apple or Tim Cook articulate a formulation of these principles that both supports their stand regarding the San Bernardino shooter’s phone (which I agree with) along side the > 70 times in the past seven years Apple helped federal prosecutors extract data from phones in criminal investigations.

Again, I agree with Apple and Cook in this case, but for reasons grounded in principle rather than pragmatism or perception.

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