5 on 5: Interview with Chris Edser

Chris Edser and I have been in touch since the early days of DS through his blog Ron Artist. I’m always impressed by the unique character design, animation and general aesthetics he creates. His contribution to the art exhibition 5 on 5: A Celebration of Art and Basketball (opening May 5th in Portland, OR) is an amazing Jusuf Nurkic screenprint. Read more to learn why our favorite Australian artist draws basketball players, what his favorite on-court kicks are and a business idea he wants to float by Luc Longley someday.

Chris Edser’s piece at the art exhibition 5 on 5: A Celebration of Art and Basketball

Favorite NBA Team: 
Portland Trial Blazers

Favorite current player: 
Jusuf Nurkic (buy his dope Nurk poster in the DS store).

Favorite all-time player: 
Boris Diaw

Favorite pair of kicks: 
I wear Lebrons when I play now, but maybe the 90's Adidas Mutombo shoes. I had some of those I wore until they fell apart.

Why do you draw basketball stuff: 
Why did Edgar Degas draw ballerinas? Movement, grace, style, poise, drama, characters. Originally it was a life drawing exercise to get better at drawing and animation. Also, I watched a lot of NBA and sketched during timeouts. Now I do it for money and/or social media LIKES so I can feel ok about myself. Often it’s still fun.

Chris Edser’s tribute to Brandon Roy

What’s your favorite basketball-related piece of art you’ve made? 
I did an image of Brandon Roy that I was reminded of recently in Portland. Either that or some of the animation.

Are the Trail Blazers the most cursed team in basketball? 
Here is something that shows my feelings on the subject:

Chris Edser on whether the Portland Trail Blazers are the most cursed team in basketball

Can anyone beat the Warriors? 
Russell Westbrook, another Russell Westbrook and three more Russell Westbrooks, but it has to be coached by Gregg Popovich

If you could open your own niche boutique in Portland what would it be named and what would you sell? 
Being Australian, it would probably be some kind of kangaroo burger joint. I make an excellent quandong relish, so that would be the specialty sauce. I would call it “3 time NBA champion Luc Longley and his supporting cast Burger”. We can probably workshop that to make it more concise for the food-truck sign-writer.

“(Kanga)Roo burgers are real and they’re spectacular” — Probably something Luc Longley said

Why do you love Double Scribble? 
Connected me with a wonderful NBA art community of weirdos just like me. Coming from Adelaide, Australia I only recently travelled around the USA and found I had friends everywhere. Thanks DS. Keep being DS.

5 on 5: A Celebration of Art and Basketball opens May 5th (5–10pm) in Portland, OR at The Athletic Community (925 NW 19th Ave).