5 video marketing trends 2017

It seems like just yesterday everybody was saying “2016, the year of video marketing”, but don’t worry people, luckily for us, video marketing doesn’t seem to be slowing down in 2017 either. Watch out for these 5 video marketing trends:

1. 360 video (but used correctly)

In 2016 we noticed a rise in the number of people using 360 video. Every company got excited and started jumping on the next big thing. This year will see the excited-bandwagon-jumpers drop off and an increase in the number of companies regularly using 360 and VR for professional use.

2. Vertical videos

The amount of videos watched on mobile will increase this year, meaning that we’ll see a rise in video ads being filmed vertically for apps such as Snapchat. (Oh the horror!)

3. Live streaming

If you’re holding an event this year, you’d be silly not to live stream it. You can now live stream from Facey-b, Instagram and Twitter, along with the app that started it all, Periscope.

4. Email and video combined.

We started to see a little bit of it this year, and it will slowly start to take off in 2017. Having the word ‘video’ in an email headline already improves it’s click-through rate. One thing we’re hoping will begin to take off at the end of this year is video signature. Check out these on Wistia: https://wistia.com/blog/video-email-signature

5. Disappearing video

This one won’t come as a surprise to you. Snapchat has been growing in popularity since day one and now with the launch of Instagram stories, you’ll see a lot of companies creating raw, short time content. These types of videos are most popular with millennial and generation Z, so make sure you know who your target market is.

2017 looks like another exciting year for video marketing. Unfortunately if you haven’t already started using video, you cannot ignore it any longer! Want some advice on integrating video into your marketing strategy? Drop us an email at hello@doubleshotvideo.co.uk

Originally published at doubleshotvideo.co.uk on February 15, 2017.