The power of video testimonials

The success of any company depends heavily on word of mouth and that’s why testimonials should be an important part of any business. If you don’t know what testimonials are, they are statements from loyal customers that support your credibility, and they are an extremely powerful tool when it comes to strengthening your brand and reputation. Being a video production company we believe video testimonials are far more powerful than written testimonials and here’s why:

Emotional connection

Video is the only medium that can capture and share emotion. Video touches people on a visual and emotional level and having a real person explain their experiences with your company in a positive and honest way speaks volumes. People relate to like-minded people and an honest unrehearsed recommendation will humanise your sales message and make your potential customers believe that they will have a similar experience.


Video testimonials are a lot harder to fake, meaning they are more trustworthy and aren’t faced with the same scepticism as written testimonials. Your credibility as a business is just as valuable as anything you sell, if consumers feel they can trust you they are more likely to spend money on your services. Also, the fact that your current customers have taken time out of their day to appear on camera and talk about you and your company has far more of an impact than someone writing two or three lines of copy. Remember, “people will buy from those that they know, like and trust”.

Online presence

100 million people watch videos online each day and conversion rates increase dramatically when a video testimonial is introduced to a site. Webpages containing video are 50 times more likely to appear in the first page of Google and the more online visibility you have, the stronger your business will become.

Video testimonials are a powerful, inexpensive tool that can create a positive, long-lasting impression. If you want any more advice on how to effectively display video testimonials on your website, get in touch. In the meantime you can watch more of our own video testimonials on our home page.

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