Why ‘Rick Nelson, In Concert: The Troubadour, 1969’ Is The Greatest Live Album You’ve Never Heard

Backed by the incredible talents of his Stone Canyon Band, Nelson proves he’s more than Ozzie and Harriet’s heartthrob son.

An Absolutely Amazing CD… and Me

The CD cover. Photo by Jill Valentino (2016).

The Billboard Lukewarm 100

The back of the CD case, listing all 42 songs on two discs. Photo by Jill Valentino (2016).

Great Album, Tepid Reception: My Theory

“Rick Nelson” Flickr photo by Northridge Alumni Bear Facts shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license

The Stone Canyon Band: A Legendary Lineup

Rick Nelson and The Stone Canyon Band in 1970. Farthest right is 23-year-old future Eagle Randy Meisner, looking so young I almost feel wrong swooning over him. CD booklet photo by Jill Valentino (2016).

Tom Brumley: Pedal Steel Guitar

Garden Party, 1972. The lyrics of this song are savage, especially for the time.

Randy Meisner: Bass Guitar, High-Harmony Backing Vocals

So so so good. It simply doesn’t get much better than this, folks.

Allen Kemp: Guitar, Backing Vocals and Pat Shanahan: Drums

A taste of ‘The Poor,’ with Meisner on bass and lead vocals, Kemp on guitar, Shanahan on drums. Good stuff.

The Album’s Performances: What, When, and Where

The Mecca of 1960s-70s country rock in all its glory, Doug Weston’s Troubadour, Hollywood, CA. CD booklet photo by Jill Valentino (2016).

The Album’s Performances: Who, How, and Why

A “modernized” classic from the Troubadour album, “Hello Mary Lou.” Found on the CD as track #2 on disc 1, and also included on the original 1970 12-song LP. This version is a BIG improvement over the old 1961 version, which you can listen to by clicking here.

Where Are They Now?

My Top Five Favorite Album Tracks

#5: “Tonight, I’ll Be Staying Here With You”: Disc 1, Track #15

#4: “Easy to Be Free”: Disc 1, Track #11

#3: “Come On In”: Disc 1, Track #1

#2: “Red Balloon”: Disc 1, Track #8

#1: “Who Cares About Tomorrow/Promises”: Disc 1, Track #4

A Conclusion, In Three Points


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