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As I’ve worked in design, my focus has moved from the practice of design work and “nitpixeling” (thanks for this word Jon Moore) to focusing on the bigger picture.

By the bigger picture I don’t just mean company objectives, or working with the executives. I’m talking about the team I’m…

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been writing a couple of Medium articles and putting together some content for a new eBook that I’ve been creating called ‘UX on a Budget: The Practical Guide’. I’m pleased to say the eBook is now ready to go :)

I’ve made the book free for the first week, and after that I’ll charge a small amount which I then hope to re-invest into creating the next book in the series (pay for illustrations etc).

If you enjoy the resource, any small donation would be appreciated and it would be even better if you could share it far and wide.

I welcome any feedback and hope you enjoy!

This is a continuation of my series on ‘UX on a Budget’. If you haven’t read part one, I’d strongly recommend giving it a read before getting into this article. You can find it below.

In part one, I discussed the first stage of IDEO’s circular design methodology, ‘Understand’. …


Love ⚽️⛳️🚲🎸. Product Design Team Lead at Zendesk. (Norn) Irish.

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