Death by Hamburger
Fiona Foster

Hi Fiona, I enjoyed the article myself. I agree in some parts and in others disagree. Fitbit uses a plus symbol, which also isn’t widely understood/used, and is essentially a hamburger menu with different dressing. Twitter’s app is a completely different beast in that it doesn’t have deep enough content to it to justify a categorical list of navigation points.

I’ve been on both sides of the fence on the burgerfication of menus. Worked on functionality that had different logos, different labels, different interactions, and have settled more times than not that the burger is the most iconic symbol for a menu outside of spelling it out. It’s not perfect by any means, and doesn’t have a symbol to link to from the past (don’t get me started on using a cassette tape for music. Under 20 folks didn’t get that experience like we did).

Anyway, let’s all try and come up with something! I’ve picked my brain long and hard to find a universal replacement but have not found anything suitable yet.

Cheers, Wade

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