sometimes our daily experiences seems to contradict the truth the scripture set forth, for instance I know by the word that I have God’s seed of righteousness inside of me and I have the full capability to live a sinless life in all aspect but that’s not my daily experience now. well I am not and I pray u not to settle for the excuse that no one is perfect and we are all striving to perfection, rather cleave to God’s promise when he said be hungry for righteousness because u will be blessed to your fill. That’s enough for me because I am made right and to live right, the righteousness of God in me will not just be a believe by faith but a walk of full experience.

If you are reading and your faith is anchored on Christ then keep on looking in other to become the exact reflection of your inner makeup, for Christ is who you are in the inside. If otherwise then you can receive an inner seed of an outward growth by turning to Jesus who promised rest.

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