Someone who fascinates you and why

Meng Chuan is someone with an unbridled enthusiasm for not only the things he does, but for life in general. The speeches that he gives in my school’s Toastmasters Club are always a joy to hear and sit through.

There are a lot of things to be fascinated about in MC.

He never fails to bring a certain spark in every speech he makes, and no two sparks are the same.

As my Toastmasters Club mentor, he has made me think about questions that require thorough introspection. He has pushed me to talk about unconventional things in my speeches.

As a speaker, he has inspired me to reflect on my current circumstances and change my perspective on things in life.

He is unabashedly honest and very bold in putting his ideas and points across to the audience, however controversial they can be. Yet, he retains this down-to-earth aura when interacting with all of us; a sense of magnetism that draws people to hear him talk.

Our conversations during mentoring sessions are never short of intellectually-stimulating topics. Needless to say, I always leave the session feeling energised and motivated.

MC has also taken the path less travelled, having worked for a while before heading back to University to follow his passions — psychology. It’s this confidence to pursue something in a society constrained by expectations that fascinates me. It’s this relentless pursuit of his goals backed by a quiet spirit of adventure and yearning to experience life that fascinates me.