We can’t let Donald Trump bankrupt America like one of his failed casinos.
Hillary Clinton

Of course this will be deleted immediately, as a coward who is afraid of the truth. But: Hillary got Iraq and foreign policy wrong. She got trade policy wrong. She got deregulation wrong. But these aren’t the only area she’s demonstrated poor judgment. For example, her decision to use a private email server was simply foolish, and risky to boot. Whether or not her emails broke the law, they risked exposing the intimate details of how the US made decisions at the highest levels, and that, in the end, is far more compromising than the issue of whether one or more items were classified. She wants to continue the policies of a president who is importing potential terrorists. She stole white house China, furniture and a presidential seal when she left the white house the last time. She claimed “We were under fire in Bosnia” but I have seen the video, she lied about that, among so many more lies I can’t even begin to list them here. Why would I ever vote into the highest office in the land a known liar and thief?

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