Abhinaya Konduru: dreaming of sharing stories

Every week I interview two people pursuing their dreams. This is Abinaya Konduru’s story:

I believe in my dream to document other people stories and help them in any way I can.

What started this dream?
The only stories you hear or the success stories. There are so many other stories that go untold or undocumented. I want to change that.

What motivates you to follow this dream?
Time. Time is so precious and it is one of the things you can not manipulate.

What are your goals?
I want to document at least one person from each country in the world through videos.

What would you like people to know and where can we find you?
Follow my journey as I try to document stories and break into venture capital. You can find me at my YouTube Channel (bit.ly/itsabhinaya) or on Twitter(twitter.com/itsabhinaya).

You can find all of my interviews on: http://thedreamerbook.weebly.com/dreamers

You can purchase the novel I wrote; The Dreamer on: www.amazon.com/Dreamer-Douglas-Geller-ebook/dp/B01JF8VT7A/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1470092828&sr=8-2&keywords=douglas+geller

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