Ivan Polanco: The Pursuit of a Independent Music Career

Every week I interview two people pursuing their dreams. This is Ivan Polanco’s story:

I believe in my dream to become a successful independent music artist and singer/songwriter. To release original music & have an extensive fan base that would allow me to tour globally and support myself financially is my ultimate goal.

What started this dream?
What started this dream of mine was my introduction to music from my father. My mother and him had me very young at the ages of 23, which is currently my age, and my father was never truly was able to pursue his own music with all of his effort because of his responsibilities as a father and husband. He did find a career as an educator at the high school level and it became a passion of his, but growing up with him as a male role model, he passed down his love of music to me. He’d play his songs to me as a child, and my mother and I would always support him when he would perform in venues around NYC during his spare time. His love for music eventually became my own, and it’s been a passion of mine all my life.

What motivates you to follow this dream?
My main motivator for me to pursue my dream as a singer/songwriter is that I am aware of a human being’s mortality, and how precious our time is. I’ve tried the routine 9am-5pm jobs, and I’ve tried to follow my other interest in personal training as a side career. All other occupations don’t make me feel as fulfilled as making music does. I sacrifice hours, days, and weeks on end for music projects, booking shows, writing songs, and music business ventures and I do it gladly because it is something that I am incredibly passionate about. I feel I have unique music abilities with my songwriting style, instrumentation, vocals, and image that isn’t seen in today’s world of music too often, and I want my voice to be heard. One day we all won’t have time anymore, so you might as well do your best to make every day the best it can possibly be.

What are your goals?
My goals are to build my music fan base to a global level, where I would be able to book should around the country and eventually in other countries because there would be a fan base that would have interest in having me perform live for them. Mainstream media creates false images with their current pop stars at times, idolizing drugs, sex, and recycling melodies and musical styles from old songs. I feel my music is that of a true singer/songwriter that speaks on other issues that are relatable and tasteful, combining styles of acoustic ballads with rhythmic pop and R&B which isn’t too common these days in the music industry. If my music can be heard, appreciated, and also inspire a listener to think differently and positively, then I’m happy. As a whole, if they are impacted enough to support me in purchasing my art and coming to a live show, then it would allow me to keep creating content for them.

Short Bio:

Ivan Polanco has been an active independent artist for the past 9 years, writing original music and playing in clubs, cafe’s, colleges & festivals all around the country. He’s been able to develop a strong following within the tri-state area, SUNY schools, and now out in the west coast in Los Angeles, CA. In August 2014, he became a top 6 finalist out of 700+ applicants in the Kollaboration New York contest, which is a competition that searches for upcoming Asian-American music artists within New York. Since then, he’s completed five east coast college tours from 2014 to the present, all of which he’s been featured as a headlining artist for audiences ranging from 100 to 600 people in attendance. He’s also been featured in several music magazines & blogs such as Punchland Magazine and Performer Magazine.

Ivan has several social media sites that help him market and promote his music. His YouTube videos have allowed him to reach listeners worldwide, with his channel currently obtaining over 163,000 video views. His songs fall within the genres of alternative pop and r&b, with a music style that ranges from Ed Sheeran to Bruno Mars.

Twitter: @ivanp_music
Website: www.ivanpolanco.com
Instagram: @ivanpolanco.music
Youtube: www.youtube.com/ivanPmusic27
Facebook: www.facebook.com/polancoivan.music

“Hard Not To Fall” Official Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYbdJgCFLfg

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