Maureen Riordon: Making A Positive Change In The World

Every week I interview two people pursuing their dreams. This is Maureen Riordon’s story.

I believe in my dream to impress positive change upon the world by encouraging the pursuit of one dream at a time.

What started this dream?
I have been wrapped up in wanting to positively impress upon the world my entire life. Since first grade I have wanted to be an author and while my genre of interest has changed over the years, I have been heavily interested in the motivational industry for well over 15 years now. When I discovered combat sports in 2010 I saw an opportunity to defy odds, break stereotypes, motivate, and inspire through my career and when it’s all said and done I will begin writing about my journey. My message is “What’s YOUR Possible?”. I want the world to know that the ONLY person that can dictate what’s possible or impossible in someone’s life is that person alone.

What motivates you to follow this dream?
The world is bleeding right now. It needs more light. More empathy. If continuing the pursuit of my dreams and sharing my message and journey with the world will help even one person, then I would consider my purpose, so to speak, fulfilled.

What are your goals?
My goals are to continue to live and spread my “What’s YOUR Possible” message through fighting, coaching, writing and my podcast.

What would you like people to know and where can we find you?
​People can follow my journey on my blog at, my podcast: and on social media at:
 Twitter: @babyfacemma
Instagram: @babyfacemma
Facebook: MaureenBabyFaceRiordon

You can find all of my interviews on:

You can purchase the novel I wrote; The Dreamer on:

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