Disturbed By The Sounds of Silence

I took a moment to unplug the other day. I had an hour before leaving the house so I took a rare moment to spend some time with my thoughts. While I wouldn’t call my experience true meditation — that would be like calling Hot Dogs & Beans a gourmet meal — I kept the TV off, put down my phone and went prone on the couch.

The toilet flushed. 
The shower started. 
The toilet flushed (again) and the dog farted. 
The furnace hummed while the clock tick-tocked. 
The windows popped; a chair rocked.

And the vision that was planted in my brain, still remained. I was disturbed by the sounds of silence.

I actually ended up falling asleep. Didn’t see that coming. But that’s not the worst part. I woke myself up. I didn’t wake myself up because some random life changing thought flashed through my head. I didn’t wake myself up in a moment of brilliance. I didn’t wake myself up because I had a profound dream where I was falling into a vat of chocolate pudding. And no, I didn’t slowly come out of a transcendental state.

I woke my self up because I was snoring. Loudly.

Disturbed, once again, by the sounds of silence.