A New Year — A New World — by Doug Scott

A New Year — A New World


So it begins….. After years of founding and running www. Potential.co I am stepping aside from being the operator that I am.

It has been an interesting ride, some good and some bad…but mostly good, interesting and fun….15 years….wow. The guys and girls within Potential are much more capable at running things than I ever was. It is becoming a grown up company now and needs grown ups to run it. So best I step back for everyone’s benefit and sanity. No more throwing chocolates at people’s head for my amusement will make many people happier:)

I have no idea what I will do going forward. I am currently just filling the next few months with stuff that takes my fancy, the family want me out the house or I will drive them mad:)

So I am going to document the rambles of my new world, maybe just so that I have to have some focus on keeping a track of what is going on. Maybe some people will find it helpful to explain what happens when you have no plans or desires to do anything in particular…….but you think you should…

On my list so far is:

  • watch loads of bad films I should have watched but did not
  • read loads of good and bad books ( probably skim read ). 200 on the kindle so far.
  • get some allergy tests done — just so I know what I should avoid eating
  • go skiing a couple of times and try and be decent so can ski with mates
  • goto HK to help some mates do something
  • goto Singapore and learn about blockchain ( decentralised systems and society seem wow to me )
  • start running each day ( I have a mangled hip from much too much football when younger, you can’t tell, but will see how it suffers when running )
  • train to cycle up a mountain in France in June
  • goto Newcastle and see if I can help the guys in any way at Campus North ( coffee maker probably a good job )
  • learn how to do podcasts and ask mates random abusive questions about tech
  • play with eating different foods to see how I feel ( bread makes me feel shit I know, plus alcohol is a killer nowadays )
  • try to sleep for 8 hours each night ( I goto sleep easy and sleep easy, any where, but I always have much less than 8 hours )

If anyone wants to meetup and chat interesting bollocks then more than happy ( assuming it does not interfere with my dossing too much ).

Open to all random suggestions…the madder and none tech related the better.

Cheers and Happy New Year and thanks for all the fish.


Originally published at www.droug.co.uk on January 1, 2018.

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