First 5 impressions of the Dutch

  1. Dutch people often walk around with a smile on their face, and nearly everyone will say hello is you pass them on a footpath.
  2. Whilst it has rained almost constantly, this appears to affect people’s moods in no obvious way.
  3. The ability of your average Dutch cyclist to cycle whilst texting, removing an umbrella from a satchel, launching umbrella, re-strapping the satchel, whilst sending the text, without crashing, says as much about Dutch pedestrians assumption that all cyclists will be doing at least one other thing while cycling as it does about the multitasking skills of the Dutchencyclist.
  4. There is literally nothing more tourist than saying, “Excuse me. Do you speak English.”
  5. Wait. Here’s one thing more tourist. “Excuse me. Do you speak English? I am looking for a cannabis cafe to get stoned and then going to the red lights district for some prostituschen.”

More superb insights shortly.