The Future of Birth Control Means Facing Up to Its Sexist Past
Hannah Harris Green

Thanks for your article.

I’ve never understood the strong negative reaction many men have against the vasectomy, though I have suspected that some think it’s akin to castration. I’ve even had to explain that you can’t tell the difference without a microscope!

It’s not the most comfortable thing I’ve done, but you can get it done under a local, and it’s nowhere near as invasive as female sterilization.

Having had it done in my first marriage, about 17 or 18 years ago, the only time it was inconvenient was when my current wife and I decided to have a child, but the cost of IVF (here in Australia) was totally worth it, compared to the inconvenience of having to worry about contraception.

I was wondering if there’s been any trials of couples talking to couples about it, much like they did with RISUG?

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