My Shady Life as an Underage Drinker
Nick Tucker

So, first, you’ve got the general right direction for how to change laws you don’t like: get together a bunch of voters and pressure or work your legislators. States are complying with Federal pressure. They could change that.

It’s worth remembering why the ban was enacted originally: too many under-21-year-olds killing themselves and others in drunken car crashes. ( Your “right” to put intoxicants in your system bumps into the rights of others that you not slam into them in a car. Sort of like second hand smoke.

I was an underage drinker. I was allowed to drink responsibly at home. I went out and drank irresponsibly on top of that. I certainly wasn’t up to making careful, thoughtful decisions around substances. I’m thankful every day that I didn’t kill someone.

Don’t take this personally, but it’s not surprising — under 25 your brain is still undergoing some major development. Your essay doesn’t support the idea that you’re a sober, careful person who’s unlikely to do something self-involved that could lead to problems for other people. You come off as someone young and self-involved who really wants to go out and get hammered. So, you may need to find another spokesperson for the movement.

But, better yet, exercise some patience. Hopefully, you’ll find out… it’s just booze. Get yourself a girlfriend who doesn’t drink. The first time I did that, what an eye opener… It really simplifies your life.

There’s more to life and if it’s that important to you, you’ve got some other things you ought to be looking at, besides the drinking laws. I’ll put some good money that this is about more than individual rights and inconsistent laws.

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