KCP is a nice player, but Detroit should not match if he gets a significant offer sheet.
Horace Green

I agree. He’s a nice player and maybe even worth that contract in a vacuum, but that ties the Pistons to him, Drummond, and Jackson for I think three full years. Sure, Jackson could come back healthy and one of the young guys like Johnson or Ellenson could take a step forward and maybe the Pistons are back where a lot of people thought they’d be last season and fighting for a middle seed in the East, but if they struggle and Jackson’s knees are shot, Drummond continues to be disengaged, and KCP just can’t find a consistent shot, Detroit will have three tough high end contracts they likely won’t be able to move without attaching other assets and then guys like Leuer on the books who just might not draw interest if he can’t get back on track. This could all be further complicated if Ellenson, Johnson, or Kennard actually DO hit and the rest of the team stinks because then they’ll be trying to fit in extensions for them for a team that’s already pushing the luxury tax.

I’m not sure who would do it, but a sign and trade of KCP might be the best option. The Pistons don’t have an SG to replace him at the moment, but if Reggie’s knees are still shot, it likely won’t matter much.

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