This 4th of July Celebrate Yourself, Not America

America is not about the federal government, presidents or health care, its about individual freedoms, If you believe in self governess which is what our founders believed in, “not a king who can take care of the peasants” then you embrace individual liberties, your views will change, perspective will change. The idea that adults make decisions in their lives and are happy with them. The government steps aside and lets people live how they choose. Greedy as you said or helpful and many things in between. Individual rights are very important. The US was the only revolution created by wealthy educated people and it shows.. They saw first hand in Europe many things they did not like, Taxation without representation, Religious persecution and they also witnessed the Enlightenment period before traveling to the Americas. Mexico on the other hand was taken over by Spain during the Mideval period of Europe , they did not promote individual liberties or freedoms in the structure of mexico, and to this day they are still structured like Mideval Europe was, Very rich and Very poor. Peasants who want a king to take care of them.

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