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The election was result was from lower middle class white voters who had grown tired of being lectured by Obama, being pushed aside, remember “joe the plumber”. He did things behind the scenes as a crafty lawyer to make massive changes to the country. He did not say in public what he was doing. He really did not like white people and his policies showed it. IRS, calling Tea party people non-american. I think people had enough and wanted the ship turned around before things were too far gone. We are 20 trillion dollars in debt and 60 trillion in future liabilities for medicare and SSI in the next 30 years. Able bodied adults need to contribute to the tax pool so that we can pay for people that really need help. the medicaid obamacare expansion was for able bodied childless adults, they should get a job and recieve health care through an employer. Medicaid was originally for women and kids not able bodied men who dont want to work. solution for obamacare is simple. Get a job.It is not my fault or the governments responsibility to support an able bodied person that does not want to. Rich people make things happen in the economy , the hire many people and own small business’s. Who is going to get a tax cut, people that already pay no taxes ?? come on …. We need risk takers, not a bunch of average saps telling us how to do things, that would be Mexico, We have to protect the middle class, they support local public schools and are more involved in the community than the poor or rich. They care about getting alot of bang for the buck because they have families and kids to support, they want low taxes and safe communities. Childless adults are not a concern for most middle class people.

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