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Nice article. I would say the defining moment and missed opportunity was the 2008 NFL playoff game against the Giants. I attended that game and had incredible seats 10th row. 45 yd line. The Key play in this game was before the half on 3rd and 7 when Romo threw a quick slant to a wide open Patrick Crayton. Crayton dropped the ball and if he would have caught it, I believe would have scored a TD as there was no one in safety coverage. The score at the time was 13–7. Instead of Dallas potentially being up 20–7 or even 16–7 before half, the Cowboys punted and Giants scored a TD to tie the game before the half. As we all know, the Giants wound up winning that game and the SB, and the Tony Romo rep as a joker went into overdrive. I’ve always felt like this was a turning point.

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